Hollywood Beach Publishing

. . .  falls into an evolving genre known as indie publishing and was created for the purpose of featuring the distribution of an assortment of works by the publisher, an indie writer who, for a while, lived in Indy (sorry, I couldn’t resist that temptation).

Twenty years of writing has produced numerous products in a rather eclectic combination of genre and style.  To produce this body of work would have taken several lifetimes based on the conventional agent / New York publishing house approach.  Therefore, it was concluded that the best way to accelerate the process and simultaneously reap an accomplished sensation of fulfillment was to do it myself.  As a result, I give you Hollywood Beach Publishing.

On the Bookshelf

By way of summary, you will find, as of May (the time of this website update), two novels of intrigue:  the IRA vs. a madman at Britain’s MI5;[1] Hitler’s agent provocateur, Der Schlussel (meaning the key, or Hitler’s key), who lays waste to Hitler’s opposition for Lebenstraum – expansion of the Fatherland and an ultimate mission to assassinate FDR. [2]  Also in the inventory of books are two comedic efforts, probably better described as dark humor that tie to the difficulties faced in our society by women.[3],[4]  Also included is a plan for the simultaneous resolving of our nation’s plagues of flooding and drought [5] – actually a “tickler” to get decisionmakers to begin talking about a meaningful effort to address these problems rather than continue to fall prey to their damage.  Stickman Cometh[6] is an illustrated, wild ride away from reality at light speed based on the ultimate anorexic:  Stickman.  The most recent addition to this collection of writing is a compilation of short stories that draw upon the unique area of Hollywood Beach, California, and life in Indiana as a youth.[7]  And then there is the 900-pound gorilla [1],8,9,10 in the collection of books – these are a totally unique, ground-breaking set of works dealing with the World War II, U.S. Army installations in the U.S.  These are comprised of Army Ground Force, Army Air Force, and Army Service Force installations presenting all that could be compiled on each facility and accompanied by original photos, charts, tables etc. to describe the role and character of each facility.  The appendices to each volume provides a tabular compilation depicting precisely which Army units were at each installation during each month of the reporting period (war).  Additionally, all POW camps are documented.  There is no other documentation of the Army’s installations remotely like this effort.  Four of the nine volumes are complete as of this time and represent the installations in the following states: (3rd ) Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia;  (5th) Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia; (6th) Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin; (7th) Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming.

[1] Out of the Shadows

[2] Der Schlussel: Hitler’s Key

[3] Brenda: A Whimsical Look at a Fallen Star

[4] Ruthie: A Life Out of Focus

[5] Water: A Concept Plan to Rev

[6] Stickman Cometh

[7] Anthology of Short Stories – Hollywood Beach, California

[8] U.S. Army Installations – World War II: A Research Reference (3rd Service Command)

[9] U.S. Army Installations – World War II: A Research Reference (5th Service Command)

[10]  U.S. Army Installations – World War II: A Research Reference (6th Service Command)

[11] U.S. Army Installations – World War II: A Research Reference (7th Service Command)


Forthcoming Works to Watch for . . .

  • Betty – A Life Rejoined
  • Through the Darkness
  • Into the Light
  • Three Soldiers – Their War
  • The Justice Paradigm
  • U.S. Army Installations – World War II: A Research Reference – Volumes 1,2,4,8,9