Who we are . . . .

Hollywood Beach Publishing, is a new venture in the publishing industry.  The primary purpose behind our operation is the “self-publishing” of a series of novels, short stories, and a major encyclopedic  series detailing the U.S. Army’s World War II forts, camps, army air fields, POW camps, and various other installations.

That point so stated, as we move on to Phase II, it is our intent to branch out and take on extracurricular publishing for those who have demonstrable writing skills but who are stymied by the conventional publishing process.  This website will announce that change in orientation.

Why we are. . . .

Unless one is a movie star, a rock star, or a defrocked politician writing about how he or she wasn’t at fault for getting his or her hand caught in the proverbial cookie jar, wasting our tax dollars on his or her frivolous lifestyle, getting published by the old line publishers is fretfully tedious, disengaging, and glacially slow.  Publishers tend to love these groups as their names are well known (usually, however, for the wrong reasons).  For those who actually love to write and for whom there is promise of finding a public intrigued and anxious to follow, the conventional process is like a death knell.

Where are we going ? . . .

To the front of the line   (or across the street to the beach . . . .)

Forthcoming Works to Watch for . . .

  • Through the Darkness
  • Into the Light
  • Three Soldiers – Their War
  • The Peeper
  • The Justice Paradigm
  • U.S. Army Installations – World War II: A Research Reference – Volumes 1 thru 4 and 7 thru 10