Hollywood Beach Publishing

. . .  falls into an evolving genre known as indie publishing and was created for the purpose of featuring the distribution of an assortment of works by the publisher, an indie writer who, for a while, lived in Indy (sorry, I couldn’t resist that temptation).

Twenty years of writing has produced numerous products in a rather eclectic combination of genre and style.  To produce this body of work would have taken several lifetimes based on the conventional agent / New York publishing house approach.  Therefore, it was concluded that the best way to accelerate the process and simultaneously reap an accomplished sensation of fulfillment was to do it myself.  As a result, I give you Hollywood Beach Publishing.

On the Bookshelf

See Available Books for detailed description of each.

By way of summary, you will find, as of July (the time of this website update), two novels of intrigue:

Novel: Intrigue
Der Schlüssel: Hitler’s Key
Hitler’s agent provocateur, Der Schlüssel (meaning the key, or Hitler’s key), lays waste to Hitler’s opposition for Lebensraum – expansion of the Fatherland and is charged with his final mission. . . assassinate FDR.

Novel: Intrigue
Out of the Shadows
The American President covets a second term in office but his numbers are down.  He needs a shot in the arm to boost his ratings and maintain his office . . . and ego.  A Nobel Peace Prize is his ticket.  He gambles on leveraging peace talks among the IRA – the British – and Northern Ireland as his ticket.  However, there is a stumbling block he is told – an IRA assassin who must be removed.  The President counters by sending to Ireland his own Special Ops assassin, Daniel Riley. . . but all the wrong people die.

Novel: Human Interest – part of a series that could be called
“the troubled women series”
Brenda – A Whimsical Look at a Fallen Star *
A beautiful young run-away lands on the streets of Hollywood where drugs and sex go hand-in-hand.  She is lured into the world of porn and reigns as Queen for several years before her bubble bursts and a new beautiful girl replaces her.  Professor Malcolm Hughes, Psychology Department at USC obtains a federal grant with which to determine a means by which to re-integrate pornography “has beens” back into mainstream society.  He encounters Brenda and all spirals out of control until his end and her star once again reigns. . . in legitimate cinema. [ * I have grandkids; it’s not a “dirty” book – at all ]

Novel: Human Interest – part of a series that could be called
“the troubled women series”
Ruthie – A Life Out of Focus
Ruthie is born on a night periled by a devastating ice storm.  Driving home from the hospital, the family is thrown into tumult when a cement truck slams their car.  Ruthie lives but suffered some brain damage.  She limps through and to her teen years with an awkward demeanor, frumpy clothes, and is overweight.  She finally finds meaning and worth in the arms of a hill-billy drug dealer who leads her down the path of self-degradation and humiliation.  When he is drafted for Vietnam she spirals even further into the pits but is given a new chance as a 400-pound Go-Go girl at a sleazy bar outside of downtown – only to have that opportunity dig her even deeper into lost morality.  In the end, a priest finds her and finally gives her life some meaning as a belly dance instructor to older women in a senior center. She dies happily for having been given this last opportunity

Novel: Human Interest – part of a series that could be called
“the troubled women series”
Betty – A Life Rejoined
Betty is a socialite from one of the most prominent families in town.  She marries, has three children in quick succession and the pressures this brings causes her a brief emotional setback.  Betty’s larcenous husband seizes the opportunity and has Betty committed to a state mental institution, divorces her, claims the family’s assets, and then brokers a deal with a corrupt hospital administrator to see to it that she is kept institutionalized permanently.  The administrator sees this as a green light to rape and sexually abuse Betty routinely.  However, during one of his drunken stupors, one of his staff sees to it that Betty is given a spontaneous hearing relative to release – she passes and is released.  That is when the nightmare begins.

Stickman Cometh
Stickman, who would make Jack Sprat ** look absolutely obese, is characterized in a series of humorous, everyday scenarios as only his bizarre existence would engender.  This is a humor book with a calendar – not a calendar with humorous drawings.  Stickman Cometh is an illustrated, wild ride away from reality at light speed based on the ultimate anorexic:  Stickman.
** – “Jack Sprat, spouse who could eat no fat, his wife could eat no lean”

Humor (by and large)
Anthology of Short Stories – Hollywood Beach, California
(and Other Nefarious Locations)
This collection of writing is a compilation of short stories that draws upon the unique area of Hollywood Beach, California as well as life in Indiana as a youth.  To say much more would be a self-indictment.

Water: A Concept Plan to Reverse Flooding and Drought
We have come to accept these two forces of nature is irreversible, but is that necessary?  This monograph explores a twofold approach that could simultaneously diminish or revolve these conditions in our country.  The primary thrust is to engage decisionmakers into a dialogue that could explore the features of the plan as envisioned.

U.S. Army Installations – World War II: A Research Reference
During World War II, the military divided the U.S. into a series of zones called Service Commands One through Nine.  They were aggregations of contiguous states that represented “bite-size” administrative groups easier to deal with administratively.  While no other such research effort has ever been accomplished, this series looks at (a) each Service Command; (b) each state within each Service Command; and (c) each branch of service therein: Army Ground Forces, Army Air Forces, Army Service Forces, and Prisoner of War Camps. As of August 2017, the following are completed:

3rd Service Command – Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia

5th Service Command – Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia

6th Service Command – Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin

7th Service Command – Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming

In September 2017 watch for:

1st Service Command – Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont

Forthcoming Works to Watch for . . 

  • Through the Darkness
  • Into the Light
  • Three Soldiers – Their War
  • The Justice Paradigm
  • U.S. Army Installations – World War II: A Research Reference – Volumes 1,2,4,8,9